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Creating Your Website Presence

Our Website Design Team have been helping Small Businesses Get Online and improving their Search Engine Optimisation for 10 Years.  Today’s small businesses can no longer afford not to have a website design presence.

We make it easy for you.  Our Small Business Website Design team work with you to create an easy to use but functional website. You have total control, isn’t that what business is about.

Website Design

Search Engine Optimisation

What is the point of having the best looking website on the internet, if nobody can find you. Hosting Impact offers a number of affordable, effective and efficient SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Programs available to assist Local Small Business in obtaining a higher Search Engine Ranking. let your small business website be found on the internet today ! Contact our Small Business SEO Team Today

Small Business SEO Programs

Social Media

You have a great Website Design – Now What – Link your Social Media Pages together.

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We can assist you in your current social media and marketing endeavours. Social Media is so much more than posting “Selfies” With your dog or Bestie on Facebook. Social Media is encompassing all aspects of Social Media and then allowing your website visitors to make the decision to contact you.

Social Media

Mobile Websites

Local Mobile Thumb Friendly Websites – “Free Sample Website”

The Team at Hosting Impact specialise in converting your current website into a “Thumb Friendly” Mobile Website.

Our Mobile Websites are Quick to Load, Thumb Friendly and Easy to Read and Navigate. They all have a Click to Call Button for instant communication.

Don’t Miss Out on Traffic To Your Website. Call the Small Business Mobile Website Team Today

Mobile Website

Tracy and Stephen and all of the staff at Hosting Impact, we would like to thank you very much for all of your assistance and patience in helping us set up of website.

We love it!

Whilst we have been in business for over 17 years, we are now starting to move into the new age of technology as far as our administration side of the business is concerned.

Your help explaining the world of the web and getting our face onto it and your on-going support have been invaluable. I will highly recommend you to many of our friends and associates in businesses to speak with you!

Thank you again.

McClarty Constructions Pty Ltd

  • Website Design 90%
  • Search Engine Optimisation 80%
  • Businesses using Social Media 40%
  • Businesses using Online Marketing effectively 30%

Website Design

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Why Not Having a Mobile Website is Costing You Customers

Why Not Having a Mobile Website is Costing You Customers Consumers now turn to their mobile/ smartphones and  tablets for product purchases, directions to businesses, and more.   For small companies to create their own mobile website is a must. In fact, not having a mobile website for your website now runs the risk of losing both current and potential customers. Local Searches on mobile devices Local Search Association, is one of the world’s largest print, digital, and social media trade associations, the state that the amount of local searches via  mobile phones and mobile tablets quadrupled in 2012 alone. By the end of 2015, this number is expected to be even higher. When society utilizes their mobile devices to search, they are looking for results quickly, whether it be finding directions or researching a new product or service before purchasing. If your business does not ’t have a mobile site that’s optimized to be viewer-friendly for consumers, there is a great likelihood that they will continue their local search to a company that does –  Your competition. Problem Websites Although mobile users may find your traditional website when performing a search, they’ll more than likely experience slow load times and heavy graphics that aren’t designed for mobile viewing. In addition, if you have an outdated website that uses Flash , they may not be able to view your site at all from a mobile device like an Apple device eg Iphone, Ipad etc Your potential new customers, will probably look at another local business that has a mobile website that’s easier to load and view. In fact, at...

No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google

Number 1 Ranking on Google for Small Business Websites Hosting Impact’s Search Engine Optimisation Team are often asked by Customers, both old and new, “We want our small business website to be Number 1 on Google for our website. Can you guarantee our Small Business Website will be Number 1 on Google and when will this happen ?” Simple Answer – NO Guess What – We can not and will not guarantee this will happen. There are so many factors to take into consideration, that we will never make that guarantee. We will advise you on what we honestly believe may happen and over what period of time we believe it may also happen, but that is far from guaranteeing a Number 1 position within the Search Engines. We will provide you with tried and tested best practices and results from previous SEO Campaigns and allow you to base your findings on those. Please read below a paragraph from Google in relation to this: No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google.Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings, allege a “special relationship” with Google, or advertise a “priority submit” to Google. There is no priority submit for Google. In fact, the only way to submit a site to Google directly is through our Add URL page or by submitting a Sitemap and you can do this yourself at no cost whatsoever. The entire document can be found here in relation Guaranteeing a Number 1 Position on Google for a Small Business Website For additional information regarding Hosting Impact’s Search Engine Optimisation Programs, please contact us...

Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Small Business Local Search Engine Optimisation How can Local SEO can help your Small Business generate more sales and profits from your small business website. The internet has simply become the newer and bigger version of the old yellow pages, and it is considered the “new” source for any information imaginable. Online searches do not only involve big corporations; people are also using the internet to search for suitable local products and relevant services in their area. Local Area Search – Small Business Search Engine Optimisation In fact, statistics show that well over 1/2 of all local searches result in purchases – which when you think about it, it is huge.  Additionally, a large percentage of people who search for local small businesses online will follow-up offline by either calling the business or actually visiting the physical store. Studies show that most internet searchers concentrate solely on the businesses that show up on the first page of the results – and most never go past the first page at all. So as you can see, it is imperative that your small business website have a strong online presence so your business can be seen by not only local customers but also by others who are searching for what your business is offering. To ensure that you do not block local consumers from finding your business online, local SEO should be a top priority. With a solid SEO plan, your business website will eventually find its way higher in the search engine results, which means more leads, sales, and profits. It must be said, that you will not find your...

How well does your website fair on first impressions ?

  They say that first impressions are everything, this fact is indisputable. The internet is an ever evolving beast and how a small business website looks, also needs to evolve.  It’s not so much, keeping up with the Jones’s” but keeping up with the internet is as important as your place of Business, your Business Logo, Business Stationery and or overall Business brand. The first time you lay eyes on just about anything in life, it normally is followed by an immediate opinion and or judgment, good, bad or indifferent of what you are seeing. The same applies to your Customers, when viewing your business and right down to your Small Business website. Since your business website is a virtual immediate representation of your company, your potential customers will judge the quality of your business simply based on how your website looks, feels and behave. Added to that, should your website visitor not find or locate relevant content on your website that clearly shows them how you can help, they will and often do use the back button and  they’re goneski. Of course, it is not always true that a small business is as only as good as the appearance and quality of their website. But in the minds of most consumers, it is. As a part of human nature (The Person not the Band) most people are interested in things that “awe” them. Think about dating, buying a home, buying a car, and the list goes on, it is based on awwwww or emotion… When your website has nothing unique and interesting to offer your website visitors, then...

8 Point Checklist for a Successful Website

Successful Website Checklist – 8 Points to Consider See Our Quick 8  Point Checklist for Your Website below: Yes/ No -Is your Website Design older than 2 years? Yes/No – Does your Website Design and information still reflect your business? Yes/No – Have you updated any of your Website content in the last 2 months? Yes/No – Are you blogging/or posting at least once a month? Yes/No – Do you use any form of Social Media eg Facebook / Twitter ? Yes/No – Is your Website connected to your Facebook page? Yes/No – Do you have a Mobile Website ? Yes/No – Are you using Videos to promote your business? SCORE –  Any more than 2 No’s – (your Website needs help – Contact Local Small Business Website Marketing Specialists) Want a website that is built to captivate your visitors? Contact us for your free, no-obligation consultation. During this quick meeting, we will explain exactly how we can turn your website from an “expense” to...

Is Your Local Small Business Website Profitable !!!!

“Is Your Local Small Business Website Profitable… or Simply Draining Your Profits ?”   Many businesses today have websites that are NOT generating  results when it comes to bringing in more leads, customers, and profits. The problem is that many small business websites are missing some CRUCIAL components that are required to make the website WORK FOR THE BUSINESS. We are GIVING AWAY…. a FREE Report to assist you the Business Owner in having a profitable website.   In This FREE Report, You Will Learn:     Why Your Website May Be Lacking Key Features     What Makes a Website “:Profitable”     Critical Website Mistakes that Business Owners Make     and MORE!   Excerpt from our Free Report: Today, every business – big or small – needs to have a website. Times have changed and in order for businesses to stay ahead of their competition, there is no question about the fact that having a website is a key factor. However, simply having any old website will not do.  There is a very big difference between a website that inspires a potential customer to do business with you, versus one that inspires a potential customer to run in the opposite direction because your site doesn’t have the proper tools in place. Think about your current website right now. Do you think that your website has what it takes to increase your overall revenue? Does your website inspire and intrigue visitors… or does it present them with no value? The days of putting up a generic website have come and gone. In fact, most marketing experts will tell you that having...

Focus On Good Content For A Great Website

Good Content For A Great Website Content and more importantly, good relevant content is the most important component of a website. It does not matter if every recognised sound SEO strategy in the book is used. If the website content is poor, the website will not rank high in search results. People will not read it. Let’s be totally honest, good content is not hard to write. Just pay attention to the details. Read this article for some basic tips on how you can improve the quality of your content. Ideally, Professionally written content should be free of spelling and grammar errors. There is no excuse for simple errors that only school children would make. After you have completed a page of good website content, proofread it for errors. Run it by a friend for a second opinion proofread. It takes a few spelling errors to reduce the credibility of a website and at times the entire concept of your message may be lost. If the writer cannot even pay attention to spelling, why would any of your website visitors consider the content reliable ? Invest in your website and proofread and correct the content as required. Time well-spent. Content Writing for Your Website Your website content should be your original writing. It is fine to do research and to use other sources as the basis of your writing. However, you cannot reuse someone else’s content, word for word. Plagiarism is dishonest. If plagiarized content is found on your website, not only will you destroy your reputation, but your website may also be penalised by the search engines. Your...

10 Quick SEO Tips You Should Consider for Your Small Business Website

10 Quick SEO Tips For Local Small  Business Websites Every Small Business Owner with a small business website needs a good ranking if they want it to be found. If you’re living back on page #15 on Google, you are never going to be found by anyone. Use these tips to help your rankings soar. There are different toolbars out there you can download in order to track your overall page rank. Google has some, Ask has a toolbar, and you can find them in other places. Just make sure that you’re not downloading any viruses. Using Google’s free tool, you can search for different keywords you should be using on your site. Be creative and search for terms you think are related to your niche. Then you can pick which words and phrases you want to use based on popularity. The idea with adding keywords to quality content is that you should write the content first. Use generic phrases that will be replaced later on. Then after your work is completed, go through and add a few keywords, making sure not to lose the context. Another traffic driving method that’s misunderstood is internal linking. This is where you will link to other pages within your site. It’s a great way to get search engines to index many more results from your website, Submitting a  Small Business Website sitemap to certain engines is how they will know which pages to properly index and how to navigate your site as they search it. Whenever you make some crucial updates, rework your sitemap and submit it again. Your homepage isn’t the...

3 Fundamental Points of Successful Search Engine Optimisation

3 Fundamental Areas of Successful Search Engine Optimization Anybody who has spent any time on the internet has heard the phrase SEO or Search Engine Optimisation.  Some of you may already have experience beneath your belt and are prepared to take things to the next level while others are still preparing for this new experience. SEO may be an incredibly diverse and evolving marketing approach, but at its core, there are many simple fundamental tactics that will always prove beneficial to the new and experienced business owners alike. The following tips are targeted at all of the groups mentioned above, as well as anyone else with a desire to improve their overall marketing strategy. Each individual search engine have their own algorithms and approaches to subsequently rank domains in order of relevance. While search engines like, Google may never publicly reveal what goes into the exact placement of a website among their listings, diligent research and high-grade analytics have provided the business community with a snapshot at times to outline a strategy. However, with all things internet, information is always evolving and it’s up to the small business owner to keep up-to-date with the latest breakthroughs in search engine optimization. Every small business owner should include as part of his daily routine a quick study of trending topics, keywords, and important traffic-related statistics. It does not need to be time consuming or invasive of your work. It provides you with a quick snapshot of where you are, where you want to be and the gap between. If you should fall behind the curve, the powerful SEO of yesterday may...