Free SEO Tools to assist you in improving your website

Free SEO Tools to assist you in improving your website

A Business Associate and myself were discussing various things last night, as we do and it never ceases to amaze me, the amount of subjects we touch upon nor the solutions to some of these problems. Although, to be honest with you, I can not see some of our suggestions being accepted and approved by the wider population…hee hee


One of the more heated subjects was “How To Make Money Online” and to cut a very long story short, we finally nutted it down to the following:


1. Create Your Website, Product or Something

2. Generating Income – Affiliate Programs, Google Adsense, Your Own Product

3. Marketing / Promotion – If people don’t know where you are, you ain’t selling squat.

4. Profit – It must be profitable


Simple isn’t it.


It took us approximately 4 hours to agree on this simplified list, however at the end of the day,  this is it, there ain’t no more. Four Simple Steps to Generate Profit and to be successful. If that is your goal and it is your definition of success. Here I go again, this was a large part of the discussion last night, My Goals and definition of success will be quite different from yours or the next person.


Let’s look at the 4 easy steps in a general sense.


1. Create a website, product or information. A website can be anything you want, from a basic website to a targeted niche website specialising in left handed golf putters for people over 6 feet tall. Whatever your chosen area of expertise is, stick with it. Specialise in it and become an expert regarding it.


2. Generating an Income from your website. Affiliate programs provide an option of promoting a product, in our case, left handed putters for people over 6ft tall. Something to consider though, is to write a review based upon your experience with it. Their customer support, their postage, their delivery, their follow up. This review, based upon your experience, lends more credence to you and the product. Affiliate programs make it easy for you to make money.  Another option to generate income is by placing Google Adsense ads within your website.


3. Marketing /Promotion. It doesn’t matter what you are selling or if you habve the best looking website in the entire world, if people do not know you where you are or if the search engines don’t index you, you ain’t selling squat. Simple as that. Promote your website at every opportunity, give your customers a reason to return and return often. 


4. Profit – Don’t expect to retire overnight or to be a millionaire. But think about it, if you can generate $100 from your website in a week, how great is that. All you need to do is increase that accordingly and repeat your efforts on a regular basis. 


We trust you have found this of benefit and if you would like to expand upon it, please contact us accoridngly.


Until Net Time …
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