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Google Analytics and monitoring your website statistics

It never ceases to amaze us how, when, where and why our website visitors find us. We constantly track, monitor and record all avenues and are constantly surprised yet delighted on how they do find us and in particular our Sub Domain pages.

One of the many monitoring tools that we use is Google Analytics. We have heard all of the conspriacy stories about Google, however, love them or hate them, they do provide outstanding data about your website. Google understands the importance of monitoring and benchmarking your website and your website visitors and they do not leave anything to chance, so would should you.

A brief sample on some of the keywords and or phrases used to locate Our Sub Domain Pages:

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Sydney Hosting

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We haven’t even touched upon the SEO components such as:

Search Engine Optimisation Professionals

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and the list goes on. We can not stress the importance of checking and monitoring your website statistics. All Hosting packages should provide you with some form of web stats, if not leave. After you have dissected your stats and understood how and why they are visiting you, it is extremely important that you action those results.

There is absolutely no point in having this vital information if you do not use it accordingly. If you don’t know how to use it or what to do next, contact Hosting Impact and we will provide you with the necessary assistance.

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