Free SEO Tools to assist you in improving your website

Free SEO Tools to assist you in improving your website

As with anything and everything with the internet, there are a range of SEO Tools available, the good, the not so good and the down right nasty.


We have included here a range for your consideration and yes we have tested and tried them and at the time of application, they worked and worked well. In the event that you find that they didn’t work, please contact us so we can rectify them for you.


Oh yes, they are all free for you to use as many times as your heart desires.


Backlink Checker – Find a list of backlinks to a specifc website.

Google Banned Checker – Discover if a website is banned on Google.

Index Checker – Ascertain how many pages are present on a search engines index.

Keyword Density Tool – Views the optimum keyword distribution of a particular website

Keyword Suggestion Tool – This will display up to 10 popular keywords on your selected keyword.

Search Engine Position – Check your Search Engine positions on Google Search Engine.

Search Listings Preview – Preview how your website will appear on Google, Yahoo and MSN search.

Spider View – View a website from a search engine spider’s perspective.

Google Adsense Calculator – Calculate your Adsense earnings based on page impressions.

Link Shortener – Makes a long website address short and easy to remember.

List Cleaner – Cleans and removes duplicates from a list in seconds.

HTML Optimiser – Removes the white spacing in your HTML Website. Faster load speeds.


There are many many more free SEO Tools available.


We trust you have found this post of use and please feel free to use the above mentioned SEO Tools. In the event that you do find them useful, please let us know, as we do appreciate your feedback.


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