Australian Website Design Professionals

Australian Website Design Professionals

Have you ever sat down and really considered what you want your website to do. Is your website a true reflection of you, your business, your products and services ?

Does it sell a Product ?

Does it sell a Service ?

Does it provide useful and relevant content ?

Will you update the content with relevant fresh content on a regular basis ?

Does it interactive with it’s visitors ?

Do your website visitors understand what it is that you are presenting and more importantly, is there a clear path or navigation for them to follow ?

What are you communicating to your website visitors ?

Are Your Graphics correctly optimised for the web ?

Are your Headlines correctly formatted ?

Correct use of H1, H2, H3 ?

Does your website content flow and makes sense ?

Do you understand your website’s statistics ?

Do you read and dissect your website statistics ?


The above are just a few of our thoughts in relation to websites in general. We are conducting a website review weekend this weekend and I know we will be pulling apart Hosting Impact’s website, as a direct result of some of the above questions.


Anybody can throw together a website, however, in this day and age, more than at any other time, it is imperative that your website can be found and found easily and has the following functions, quick to load, easy to navigate and includes fresh relevant information.  Simple isn’t it.


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