Australian Seacrh Engine Optimisation Specialists

Australian Seacrh Engine Optimisation Specialists

Below are 4 great tips on receiving traffic to your new website or blog.


1. Forum marketing

You can begin by posting in various relevant forums to enhance your presence. Be a consistent contributor to the posts, offer sound advice and above all be respectful of other users. Over time, other contributors will come to know and trust you and they will actively seek out your opinion or thoughts. Remember to place your Signature, which is nothing but text of about 3-4 lines, with a link to your web site or the affiliate’s website placed strategically within your Profile on the Forum.

 2. Title Tag

A blog must have an effective relevant title tag in order to get a good ranking within the search engines. The title plays a vital role, initally, however the actual post must be well-written and informative and pertain to the subject. Ensure that the Title Tag and content tie into together. This will provide your web site with good traffic.

3. Tell-a-friend

It is also a good idea to place a “Tell-a-Friend” script on your website. Once again, don’t place it on some obscure place of your website, make it prominent, top left or right side and just underneath the header has always worked best for us. The “Tell-a-Friend” script may help you in getting more traffic as visitors may recommend your website to other people.

4. Promotion

If you’ve liked a product that you’ve used and there is an opportunity for you to leave behind a suitable testimonial, well then do so. Remember to place a link to your website at the end. Promote your website at every available opportunity, in your daily conversation with customers, friends, associates. Ask them for their opinion on your website, the colours, design, layout etc but promote it at all times. Every email that you send out should have your company details and or Branding and with links back to your website. This will also ensure that adequate traffic comes to your web site.

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